Why Choose Zzue Creation?

Zzue Creation has a small yet lush range of artificial grass floors that will add a spark of beauty and wonder to any outdoor area. The artificial green wall panel we sell is also beautifully designed and emanates the atmosphere of a tropical paradise.


The Brands We Offer 

All the outdoor artificial grass tiles we provide is produced by Roofingreen and will transform your outdoor area into a stunning green oasis. The artificial green wall panel made by Vistafolia is both aesthetically luscious and realistic. It features different tones of green to emulate new growth and boasts plants with different heights that provide a rich tapestry of texture and colour.

  • Roofingreen
  • Vistafolia


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you Clean the Artificial Grass Floor? 

Cleaning green artificial grass is a simple process that doesn’t require too much time or effort. Simply start by using a broom or rake to clean any leaves and debris on the grass. Be sure to check for weeds, too, because they will need to be removed if you have any.


How do you Maintain the Artificial Green Wall? 

An artificial green wall adds a touch of class and elegance, but keeping it clean is highly important. The processes to do this are all straightforward and won’t be too time-consuming. One of the best ways to get rid of any dust or dirt is using a feather duster. Cleaning with a dry cloth is also recommended, along with a small bowl or bucket of warm water. Finally, you can use any window cleaner or multi-purpose cleaning spray to keep your artificial green wall looking fresh and vibrant.


What Services Does Zzue Creation Offer for its Artificial Grass Floor and Green Wall?

At Zzue Creation, we have plenty of services to help you when purchasing any of our artificial grass floors or the green wall. Have us conduct a site visit, where our professional staff will examine your area and provide you with advice. And the most important service is we provide installation and ground level adjustment services. Alternatively, speak with one of our helpful consultants, who will handle any queries you may have.

Zzue Creation offers a 1-year warranty, and our maintenance team will fix any problems you may have with your products.


What is Zzue Creation’s Shipping Policy?

Upon ordering any of our artificial grass floors or the green wall, we will ship your item directly to your doorstep. We can arrange different delivery methods based on your schedule. All orders over $30,000 are entitled to free shipping.

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