Why Choose Zzue Creation? 

At Zzue Creation, we have an intimate range of comfortable benches that are perfect for your living room or outdoor area. All our furniture is handpicked and is of the highest quality, looks pristine, and is incredibly comfortable and durable.


The Brands We Offer

We have benches from three leading brands that will transform your living room or backyard into an area of pure leisure and pleasure. From the finest of woods, including teak, to customisable frame and finishing colours, Zzue offers the very best to our customers. Find the brands we have in stock below:

  • Ethimo
  • Roberti
  • Roda
  • Ratana
  • Jati & Kebon
  • Varaschin
  • Gandia Blasco
  • Emu
  • Barlow Tyrie

Wintons Teak


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Know Which Bench is Right for Me?

One of the first things to consider is the amount of space you have as our designer benches for the living room and outdoors come in different sizes. It is also necessary to take the weather conditions in your area into account as this could affect which bench you decide to purchase. Finally, it is imperative to know which bench will complement the overall décor of your living room or backyard. While the colours of some of our benches are customisable, ensuring it blends well with the other furniture is essential.


How do I Keep My Living Room or Outdoor Bench Clean?

For living room benches, we recommend using warm soapy water to remove any residue or stains before wiping it down with a dry cloth. Using kitchen detergent is also a good option. To keep your home bench gleaming, add a small amount of denatured alcohol, also known as methylated spirits, on a cloth when cleaning your bench. And no worries about the outdoor benches, we can order the furniture cover to protect your own furniture. If there are difficult cases, our professional team can help you refurbishing or cleaning based on your needs.

To keep your outdoor bench in pristine condition, either use water on its own or a mild soapy solution. A soft brush is an ideal way to get rid of any mould or stains that may have accumulated over time. We also recommend wiping it down with a mixture of water and dish detergent or bleach.


What Services Does Zzue Creation Offer for its Designer Living Room and Outdoor Benches?

At Zzue Creation, we always put our customers first and thus offer a varying range of services. Should you be unsure which bench would be optimal for your living room or outdoor area, have our team conduct a site visit. Our specialist staff will inspect the space you have and recommend which bench would be the perfect fit. There will be a $2,000 fee, but this will be refunded upon ordering any of our stylish products.


What is Zzue Creation’s Shipping Policy?

Once you confirm your order for any of our lavish living room or outdoor benches, our team will ship your item from our warehouse. If the product is out of stock, it will be shipped from another country. Our one-stop delivery service ensures your order arrives right on your doorstep, and we have many delivery options available to work around your busy schedule. Our customers are eligible for free shipping for orders over $30,000.
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