Two-seater sofa, or 2 seater sofas, includes lounge arm sofa, sectional sofa, daybed and sofas with the left or right-side panel. Our two-seater sofa has to create small sofas that perfectly fit your home. Wherever is to place it in a rooftop, balcony, studio flat or an additional seat for your garden. Tiny houses and micro spaces can look just as great as your big farmhouse, space-saving options but also come with the high-quality material for you to browse through and choose the perfect one. Zzue Creation outdoor sofas are mostly made by waterproof fabrics, and provide various of choices and options for your customization. And the quick dry foam also designed for the outdoor environment usage. Two seater sofa brands including Gandia Blasco, Skyline, Ratana, Ethimo, Roberti, RODA, Ethimo, Varaschin, iSiMAR, Outbag, Jati & Kebon.