Before and After of Teak Restoration Service

Teak is a tropical hardwood with a beautiful honey brown colour when it is new. And teak is well known for its incredible durability and water resistance. However, the teak colour will turn into silvery grey over time when heavily exposed to sunlight. Restoring old, grey and weathered teak garden furniture is not a difficult task, but it requires some special material and a kind of persistence.

Zzue Creation’s professional commissioning team is here to provide both. 

Please see the general work flow diagram of our procedures for teak restoration work.  Before you decided to throw away your precious teak furniture, please give them a second chance by filling in the enquiry form to request our teak restoration program.

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Teak Restoration Service


If you are feeling dizzy on the procedures and want to seek our help? You may fill in the following enquiry form to request our quotation.

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