Why Choose Zzue Creation?

Zzue Creation has a modern and stylish range of shading umbrellas and side poles that will turn your outdoor area into a blissful utopia. The products we offer are perfect for restaurants with outdoor seating and homeowners with pools or backyards.


The Brands We Offer

Our outdoor products can be categorised into four departments – awnings, parasols, umbrellas, pergola, and sunshades. We give our customers as much choice as possible in order to ensure they find the optimal one that fits flawlessly in their yard, swimming pool, or restaurant. Below are the leading brands our store has:


  • Gibus
  • Brustor

Parasols or umbrellas

  • Jardinico
  • Prostor
  • Umbrosa
  • Shade 7
  • Scolaro
  • Bahama


  • Gibus
  • Brustor
  • Ethimo
  • Giulio Barbieri


  • Roberti


Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does an Outdoor Parasol Last?

At Zzue, all the outdoor shading umbrellas we sell are of the highest quality. To find out how long they last, call our professional and highly experienced customer service team. However, should you experience any problems within the first 12 months, you can get it fixed by our dedicated maintenance team through the 1-year warranty that all our products come with.


Is it Worth Getting an Awning?

Awnings not only emanate an air of luxuriousness and elegance but have many practical benefits too. Having an outdoor awning provides the perfect spot to cool down and relax in comfort and style during the summer.


What Services Does Zzue Creation Offer for its Outdoor Shade Umbrellas and Side Poles?

We offer a range of different services, including a site visit, where one of our experts will examine your outdoor area and suggest which shade umbrellas and side poles parasol will be ideal for you. All site visits cost $2,000, but this fee will be refunded once you confirm your order with us.

Should you have any further questions about any of our products, don’t hesitate to use our furniture consultation service, where our qualified consultants will address any concerns you may have.


Our Shipping Policy

If you order any of our deluxe outdoor umbrellas or side poles, your item will be shipped from our Hong Kong store or warehouse. Should your item not be in stock, it will be shipped to you from another country. Our delivery service right to your doorstep is very flexible as we have many different options that can cater to your schedule. If you spend over $30,000, your items will be shipped for free.
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