Why Choose Zzue Creation?

Zzue Creation offers a wide range of built-in BBQ grills and grill heads designed to take your outdoor experience to a new level. Whether you prefer the intricacies of a touch-controlled electric BBQ grill head or a more traditional gas burning grill, we have all your needs covered. Durable, long-lasting, and highly-functional, the state-of-the-art grills we stock are designed to take your culinary skills to new heights and impress even the most discerning of guests.


The Brands We Offer

At Zzue Creation, we think it’s integral to give our customers the luxury of choice when it comes to outdoor BBQ grills. Our options include everything from smaller, more modest options to bigger and more robust grills that can cook food for huge groups of people at once. We’re more than happy to consult you based on your size requirements and unique needs. Some of the brands we stock include:

  • Kenyon
  • AOG
  • FireMagic
  • Bull
  • Techimpex


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I begin to choose the right built-in BBQ grill or grill head for my needs?

The first step in choosing which outdoor BBQ grill or grill head should be to consider whether you want an electric or gas one. While gas grills are said to impart a better flavour to the food cooked, much like charcoal BBQ grills. However, electric cookers are becoming a much more popular option as they are the healthiest way to grill your food, require less maintenance, heat up much quicker, and are easier to operate.

After this, you need to consider your space requirements and how you will use your grill. If you plan on cooking for large groups of people or your grill will be used in a commercial context, it’s wise to get a bigger grill that can accommodate more food. Remember that if you want advice before purchasing an outdoor BBQ grill, whether built-in or electric, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our specialists. We can conduct a site visit to provide professional advice for a fee of $2,000 which will be immediately refunded after your purchase.


Why should I make my purchase from Zzue Creation?

At Zzue Creation, we want to make sure you get the outdoor BBQ grill that’s perfect for you. We provide several services to make sure this happens, including our site visits, which cost $2,000 but will be immediately refunded after you make your purchase.

We also offer free local delivery for all purchases over $20,000, as well as installation services and a 1-year warranty on our grills.


Will I be able to get my BBQ built-in grill shipped and fitted by Zzue Creation?

Absolutely. We are sure to go the extra mile to help you get your new outdoor BBQ grill or grill head up and running, and offer a delivery and installation service within Hong Kong. Read more about the terms and conditions here.
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