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Are you ready to make breakfast the most exciting meal of the day?  Go from flipping burgers to flipping pancakes right in your own backyard!  With our smooth griddle, you can cook up eggs, pancakes, or anything else you can imagine on a flat surface.  This is a direct replacement for the cooking grate on ALL of Kenyon's electric grills.  So simply swap it out, and get ready to start cooking!


Clean up has never been easier!  Simply pop our griddle into the dishwasher and relax while you enjoy the amazing results of your hard work.  Plus, our griddle is double-coated with durgical grade non-stick material, ensuring a flawless cooking experience every time.  Get ready to be wowed!

For Grill Models
Model Grill
B70061, B70067
No Lid Electric Grill Touch Control
B70405WH, B70400WH Texan Electric Grill Touch Control with Split Lid
B70401WH, B70406WH Texan No Lid Electric Grill
B70070, B70071 SilKEN® Grill Touch Control
B70430, B70432 Big American Grill™ 240V
B70416, B70416NH Texan Electric Grill Knob Control 240V with Single Piece Lid
B70050, B70051 Frontier Electric Grill Touch Control
B70421WH Texan Electric Grill Touch Control with Single Piece Lid
B70426WH Texan Electric Grill IntelliKEN Touch™ 240V with Single Piece Lid
B70560, B70561 No Lid Electric Grill IntelliKEN Touch™
B70360, B70361 No Lid Remote Control Grill
B70415, B70415NH Texan Electric Grill Knob Control with Split Lid
B70210 Built-In City Grill, 120V
B70425, B70425NH Texan Electric Grill IntelliKEN Touch™ with Split Lid
B70550, B70551 Frontier Electric Grill IntelliKEN Touch™
B70370, B70371 SilKEN® Remote Control Grill
B70570, B70571 SilKEN® IntelliKEN Touch™

This griddle is not compatible with the G2 Grill

    Brand Kenyon, USA
    Collection Accessories and Parts
    Model Griddle
    SKU B96000
    Dimensions L37.5 x W27 x H2.5cm 
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