Square Lantern

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Candles are a basic way of creating a mood in any space, but in order to use them outside they should be placed inside an outdoor lantern.  The Faroles collection came about as a way to turn this legendary object on its head and provide something else.  We offer a whole range, with up to seven formats and sizes that not only protect the candle, but also serve as a decorative feature.  Not only at night, but also during the day!  And especially if you choose one of the more colourful models.

These are the three square outdoor lanterns in the collection, which also includes three other vertical designs and one horizontal design.  You can choose from three measurements: 20, 30 or 40 cm (length x width x height).  8, 12, 16 inches, ach of these can be used to create a very different atmosphere, lighting anything from a table to a track or a chill-out area.  The lanterns are portable and are made with an anodised aluminium profile and white, transparent or coloured perspex surfaces.

Brand Gandia Blasco, Spain
Collection Faroles
Designer Jose Antonio Gandia Blasco Canales
Model Square Lantern
Dimensions W30 x D30 x H30cm
Materials Candle box made of thermo-lacquered aluminium and transparent or coloured methacrylate. 
Optional Candles
Official Website https://www.gandiablasco.com/en/

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