Ronda XS Dining Side Chair without Arm

By Emu

More about the collection:
The Ronda XS collection consists of a chair, an armchair and a stool. The structure is in iron tubular and the seat-back surface in hot-galvanized expanded metal. Nylon insoles. The sheet metal is made soft by the shape, which follows the curves of the body, and by the design that recalls a fabric, a lace. The armchair exploits modern technologies such as double curvature, which, while maintaining the simplicity of the single tubular for legs and armrests, makes it possible to amplify comfort with the armrest that extends to the body to support the elbow. The shape of the armrest recalls the curves of the backrest and the inclination towards the rear follows the ergonomics of the user. Thanks to the play of parallel tubulars and curves between the shell and the armrest, the enveloping character that distinguishes the armchair emerges. Pretreatment, cataphoresis, finishing with thermosetting powders.

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Brand: Emu, Italy
Model: Ronda XS Dining Side Chair without Arm
Frame: Iron tubular steel
Finish: Seat-back surface in hot-galvanized expanded metal

Colours: Default in maple red colour (for more options please refer to the frame colours chart)

Size: W51.5 x D62 x H83cm