SP Planter


More about the collection:

The introduction of engobe surface finishes, and the option to apply the ‘Clay Perfumes’ to a big variety of models, broadened the ways Atelier Vierkant could express the different natures of clay.

The SP vase comes with a two-directional texture and an emerald green or admiral blue colour finish. Originally designed as a flowerpot, they can be used without plantation, as an iconic object, or filled up with dry leaves or branches.

Lead time on request.

Brand: Atelier Vierkant, Belgium
Model: SP40/SP45/SP50/SP80/SP100
Colour: Colours default in black, for more colours please refer to the colours
SP40: W55.5 x D55.5 x H39.5cm 
SP45: W40 x D40 x H43cm 
SP50: W54.5 x D54.5 x H45.5cm 
SP80: W125 x D125 x H79cm 
SP100: W122 x D122 x H48cm