AHP / AP Planters


More about the collection:
Hand-crafted planters that will last a lifetime. These pots are sculptural pieces for the home and garden that are constructed using unique clay from different regions of Germany. They are made using molds and are slowly hand carved and sculpted by a team of around 20 master craftspeople which effectively gives each planter their one-of-a-kind aesthetic.

Lead time on request.

Brand: Atelier Vierkant, Belgium
Model: AP40/AP80/AHP90/AHP130
Material: Highly chamotted clay
Colours: Colours default in grey, for more colours please refer to the colours chart
AP40: W47 x D47 x H40cm 
AP80: W89 x D89 x H81cm 
AHP90: W70 x D70 x H97cm 
AHP130: W73 x D73 x H127cm