Mona Column Leg Bar Table

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This is our high table from the Mona series, a design with a single-leg structure specially designed for a corner or a bar-style environment.  It measures 105 cm in height and it is available only in 70 cm diameter.  Accompanied by high stools, this table allows you to create a relaxed outdoor space where you can have a drink or a snack, as well as a casual office area inside the house.

In addition to its design, which works well with many styles, a big part of its great appeal is its multiple colour choices.  Also, the Mona series available in three diameter options.  All of these elements allow you to design a dynamic and colourful environment, alternating pieces of different heights and tonalities.

Diabla tips:

Thanks to its versatile aesthetics, this table is a perfect complement to any stool, whether from the Diabla collection or not.  If you think it matches something you already have, go ahead!

In case you are also looking for some stools, check out our Vent and Air collections.

Take advantage of the variety of colours available to give a touch of coour to any environment, outdoor or indoor.  Remember that you can consult our colour card to make sure your choice chromatically harmonizes with your space.

The Mona collection includes tables of two heights.  Use them to give cohesiveness to an environment, placing the high model in a casual area where you can eat or have drink, and use the lower one near a lounge area with sofas.

If you are thinking of buying more than one, consider the possibility of selecting different colours.  It will help create zones within the same environment.

Dare to combine highly-contrasting tones, such as yellow and blue.  Whatever your choice, you will be able to create a harmonic composition, because all Diabla colours go well together.

Brand Diabla, Spain
Collection Mona
Model Mona Column Leg Bar Table
SKU PT07685
Dimension Ø70 x H105cm
Weight 20.00 Kg
Materials Made of thermo-lacquered galvanized steel and phenolic plate.
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Lead time on request.  Please online Chat with us! or call our team (852) 2580 0633 for further information.