Mon Oncle BBQ

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The design of Mon Oncle has been a real challenge, a creative adventure.  We adopted a fresh and original approach in order to turn an everyday item like a barbecue into something special.  It's an innovative, ground-breaking design when compared with traditional grills.

Closed, it's an elegant briefcase with character and a vintage feel.  But it's a briefcase with a surprise, because when you open it up, it becomes a fully-functioning and hardwearing portable tabletop barbecue.

You can cook for friends on the terrace on a Sunday after the match, prepare a romantic dinner for your partner on the balcony, or organise a family outing and picnic.  You can take it with you everywhere and enjoy an informal, surprise barbecue in good company.

The entire structure is perforated with tiny holes designed not only for aesthetic purposes but also to increase the airflow, generating more heat and power while ensuring that the structure doesn't overheat.

Mon Oncle is quick and easy to dismantle, was (even in the dishwasher) and store, taking up very little space.  And when you close it, it will store all the unforgettable moments you've spent together.  Moments with the unmistakeable flavour and aroma of barbecued food in great company.

* We suggest you use organic coconut shell charcoal due to its special properties: there's no flame, it retains heat much more efficiently and generates very little smoke.  What's more, no trees are chopped down in order to manufacture it, since the raw material is coconut shell.  No chemical product is added.  It's 100% natural.

Brand RS Barcelona, Spain
Collection BBQ
Designer Mermelada Studio
Model Mon Oncle BBQ
Dimensions W44 x D32 x H16.6cm
Weight 6.3kg
Steel with micro textured powder coated polyester paint.
Grill: Stainless steel
Interior tray: Stainless steel.
Strap: Nylon with leather handle.
Blue, Green, Grey
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