Modern Classic Hunter (Grill Head Only)

$3,600.00 $6,800.00

More about the product:

As one of the most popular and longest running products in the Outback range, the Hunter gas barbecue has had many improvements over the years. Its side shelves now fold without having to remove any screws, allowing for compact storage. The base shelf is now a solid single piece, better suited for placing items on. The right side shelf has tool hooks to cleanly hold tools.

Under the cooking surface, it has durable cast iron burners, lava rock that vaporises food juice drippings to produce that smoky flavour and a porcelain enamelled cooking grill and griddle. Its swing away warming rack is now porcelain enamelled, making it non-stick and easier to clean.

Each control knob has integra-spark ignition, so as each control knob is turned on, a spark is produced to light the burner. The advantage here is that each burner can be lit with a single hand without having to push a button.

Its porcelain enamelled hood is designed to withstand the intense heat produced during cooking and will not discolour or blister. The hood now features an inner layer for improved heat retention for even and efficient cooking.  A heat indicator gives an indication to the temperature inside, which helps to control cooking.

The barbecue is surrounded in a stylish rebated hardwood trolley with a detachable nylon front screen. Its durable rubber tyre wheels eliminate the noisy rattling typical of plastic wheels and each wheel has a branded wheel cover.

Excess grease drips below on to its improved easy to clean two tier drip tray, which does not require sand and is less prone to fat fires.

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Brand: Outback, Ireland
Model: Modern Classic Hunter
Energy Supply: Gas