Hut Lounge Double Daybed


More about the collection:
Hut is a welcoming and comfortable nest, where you can relax in harmony with nature. The long 'stems' of the structure reproduce the shapes of a tepee, while the metal inserts and details define the large seat, covered with soft cushions. Hut is a wellbeing project with a contemporary and ecofriendly soul. The external "shell", like the large lounge bed, are made of Siberian Larcie or Accoya®, a solid and high-performance wood, FSC certified. This innovative type of wood is obtained through non-toxic treatments of the raw material, which allow to maintain the versatility and appearance of the original material, ensuring exceptional stability, durability and resistance, while respecting the environment. Hut has no restrictions on the ground, it can be moved and customized with an elegant curtain, which allows you to 'close' the nest, ensuring a constant and pleasant passage of air and protecting from direct sunlight.

Normally available in 3 - 4 months.
For more frame material and fabric colours, please call our team for further consultation. 

Brand: Ethimo, Italy
Model: Hut Lounge Double Daybed
Frame: T1L Siberian larch with aluminum inserts
Curtains: Default fabrics in V79 velum swell
Mattress: Default fabrics in A56 acrylic charron

Size: W300 x D300 x H320cm