FGA 1000 FO Barbecue with cart. doors and 2 side shelves


More about the product:
FÒGHER is the result of a wish to get away from the current conception of barbecues. All the items feature innovative and advanced design, minimal shapes, angular volumes and geometric references. The iconic look of each individual part immediately emphasises the highly professional characteristics of a cooking machine manufactured using the most advanced design technologies and which, at the same time, demonstrates itself to be an extremely refined DESIGN and original item.

DESIGN: The minimal and clean-cut lines of the robust central structure in matte black steel contrast with the elegant stainless steel band that symbolises the distinctive character of FÒGHER products. Every detail expresses sophistication and innovative design, achieved using the finest design technology available on the market today.
The Portable Grills are not merely design objects, but tools capable of being packed up and taken with us wherever we PORTABLE GRILL go, providing maximum usability.

BODY: The particular shape of the body on the Gas Cabinet is
the result of a synthesis emerging from an innovative design
and careful experimentation with form.

VERSATILITY: The freedom offered by the versatility of a non-static element, but which sacrifices nothing in terms
of the quality of top professional product, creates an object CABINET GAS with unparalleled features and of excellent value.

Lead time on request. 

Brand: FÒGHER, Italy
Model: FGA 1000 FO
Energy Supply: Gas (Please select LPG / NG in the options)
Size: W155 x D59cm
Structure & Features: 

  • 2 Double Stainless Steel Racks 250 x 430
  • 2 Stainless Steel griddles 250 x 430
  • Thickness 5mm
  • Portable Gas 1000
  • Cart
  • Doors Kit
  • Side Shelf (x2)