Don Out Table


There are two things that characterise the Don Out series: the most original of designs, and great flexibility.  During the day or the night, in & out... Use it in any surrounding you want to adapt your needs. They are products that have been designed for you to play around with. Use the sofa as an attractive and modern seat or separate the pieces and create different puffs in one or many colours, which will give your space that touch of originality and colour that it needs. This collection will not go unnoticed, both because of its practicality and the fun aspect it will give to your garden, living room or wherever you like.

Brand OGO, Spain
Designer Nacho Timon
Model Don Out Table
Reference DO+T
Size Ø98 x 31.5cm
Weight 12 kg
Volume 0.46 m³
Materials G1/23 - 3D Agora Fabrics.  Filling: 100% polystyrene pearls suitable for outdoor use and pool.  The weight of the items increases in contact with the water as the fabric is 100% breathable and drainable and allow the water goes inside and drain properly after each use.
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