Dango Coat-Hanger

$1,560.00 $7,800.00

Urban architecture transferred to the living room.

21st proposes an original coat-hanger looking sinuous and elegant.  An upwards rotational movement given by the particular shape of the spirals that make up the architecture of this object.  Dango is a project of urban architecture moved into the living room.

Available in several colors, the illuminated version (only in neutral, green, orange and purple) returns a very impressive and scenic play of light and shadows.  Practical, functional and decorative.

Brand 21st Living Art, Italy
Designer Italo Pertichini
Model Dango Coat-Hanger
Ref. BOB60A5
Dimension Ø60 x H168.5cm
Materials Recyclable polyethylene
Official Website https://www.21st-design.com/home-page/

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