Backburner Electrode Kit Dual Rod Electrode Backburner



  1. Remove the backburner cover and unplug the backburner electrode wire (Figure 3).
  2. Use a Philips screwdriver to remove the mounting screw at the left end of the backburner.  Be careful to keep the spacer bushing that holds the burner away from the mounting bracket if there is one (refer to Owner's Manual received with your barbecue for more detailed instructions on backburner removal).
  3. Carefully move the left end of the backburner assembly forward while pulling it gently away from the orifice holder which supports the right end of the burner.  Remove the burner assembly from the barbecue oven.

    Note: For Elite 50 backburners, both mounting screws are located near the center of the oven.  Each burner pulls away from its own orifice holder on the right and left sides of the oven.
  4. Use a 1/4" socket screwdriver or a small wrench to remove the electrode mounting screw and replace the electrode (Figure 3).  Inspect the electrode wire insulation for damage.  If the wire is damaged, it must be replaced at this time.
  5. To replace the electrode wire, remove the screw on the side of the oven and replace the old wire with the new one.  Follow instructions in the barbecue installation and operating manual to remove the face or top panel.

    Note: The wire match holder provided with the barbecue may be helpful to pull the electrode wire forward inside the barbecue frame.  The uncoated electrode wire (inside the oven) must be positioned well away from any other metal parts.
  6. If the spark generator (on the face or top panel of the barbecue) has plugs for three wires, the ground wire must be plugged into the center plug.  The barbecue and backburner electrode wires can be plugged into either outside plug or into either plug on generators with two plugs.
  7. Before re-assembling the backburner and face, check the electrode gap for barbecue and backburner (Figure 1 and 2).  The gap from the electode to the ground rod should be about 5/32" on both electrode assemblies (between 1/8" and 3/16").  Also, before fully re-assembling, plug in all wires and check for spark at both electrodes.  A small mirror will be helpful for checking the barbecue eletrode spark.
  8. Follow instructions in the barbecue manual for adusting the air shutters, then re-assemble.