Atlas 002 Outdoor Rug (Large)

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By Roda

More about the collection:
A collection of designer rugs with a contemporary taste that combine sobriety, refinement and naturalness; handmade on a frame, enhance the garden furniture and offer outdoor performance of the highest level, while maintaining a soft and elegant appearance. The ATLAS collection develops around patterns inspired by jacquard, with an exclusive but not intrusive geometric effect, which combines perfectly with the style of outdoor furniture of all collections, also thanks to elegant and inedited colour combinations.

Normally available in 3-4 months.

Brand: Roda, Italy
Model: Atlas 002 Outdoor Rug (Large)
Structure: 100% polypropylene yarn, hand-woven on loom
Finish: Fringe on short side
Colours: Available in lead, clay, pearl or water
Size: W400 x D300cm