2-Spark Generator Replacement Kit

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  1. Ensure the grill is completely cool, the knobs are in the offposition, and the gas supply to your grill is turned off.
  2. Remove the valve knobs from the face or panel.
  3. Remove the screws and finish washers securing the face.
  4. Carefully remove the face.

    CAUTION: The spark generator is attached to the face or panel.  Carefully unplug all wires from the spark generator before pulling it away from the unit (see Fig. 1-2).
  5. Remove the battery cap by turning the ignitor cover counter-clockwise (Fig. 1-3).

    Note: Do not attempt to pull or turn the rubber cap (Fig. 1-3).
  6. Hold the generator, and turn the locking right counter-clockwise. (It may be necessary to use pliers to get it started).
  7. Inspect the wires to make sure they are not cracked or damaged.  This can cause short-circuiting of the generator.
  8. Install the new generator and new battery by following steps 1 through 5 in reverse order.
  9. Attach all wires to poles on the generator (order not critical). Attach the ground wire, if necessary, to the manifold mounting bolt on the right side (see Fig. 1-4).  Use the nut provided.
  10. Check ignitors for spark when the generator button is depressed.
  11. Secure the face to the frame with the original face screws and finish washers.

Note: When connecting the ignitor wires all terminals must be occupied.  If both of the terminals are used, no ground wire is necessary.  If using only one terminal, the second MUST be used as a ground wire.


If you have do not have a strong spark or have no spark at all, use the following steps to remedy the problem.

  • Make sure the wires are securely plugged into the generator.
  • Inspect the wires to make sure the insulation is not cracked or frayed, and the ground wire is securely fastened to the frame.
  • If you have the battery spark generator, replace the battery with a new one.
  • Check the spark gap on the electrode.  It should be 3/16" between the tip of the electrode wire and the sparking(ground) point (see Fig. 2-1).  Make sure the electrode is secure in the collector box, and the collector box is secure to the frame.  Consult your grill installation instructions for the position of the collector box.
  • Air shutter adjustment can affect ignition.  Consult your grill installation instructions (AIR SHUTTER ADJUSTMENT) for proper adjustment settings.