Tectona is a kind of tropical hardwood tree which includes three species, commonly known as teak.  The most suitable production areas are the rainy ones, where there is one wet season and one dry season annually, with altitudes often reaching 1500 meters.  They have big trunks, which grows up to 30-40 meters in height and up to 1.5 m in diameter.  The lower portion of the trunk may exceed 10 m. teak wood handles very well the temperature excursion, humidity, saline mist and other aggressive atmospheric agents.  These features make it one of the most durable woods in the world.  Thanks to its beauty, durability, strength, dutility, the teak is ideal for the most diverse applications.  Carpentry, construction, building, furniture, interiors, marine industry are some of the major field where this wood is used.  Teak used by Varaschin spa for the production of outdoor furniture is supplied by plantations managed correctly from an environmental and social point of view.  Varaschin SpA uses FSC certified teak suppliers.


For a correct teak cleaning procedure, the following instructions should be observed in the indicated order:

  • clean with warm water using a damp cloth.  In order to remove any traces of dirt and grease, use a neutral, non-alkaline and non-acid detergent.  Do not use alcohol or aggressive solvents.
  • apply with a brush or cloth the Hydro oil supplied by Varaschin; two coats of product are recommended.
  • in the event that teak is particularly degraded and the color uniformity is lacking, i.e. it has lighter parts and darker parts, we recommend proceeding as follows:
    • sanding with 80 grit sandpaper
    • sanding with 180 grit sandpaper
    • remove surface dust after sanding
    • apply with a brush or a cloth the Hydro oil supplied by Varaschin; two coats of product are recommended
    • in the application phase a temperature not lower than 15°C and not higher than 35°C is recommended; the product shall not be applied under direct sunlight.
    • let dry for a least 24 hours before resinstalling the elements, preferably in a ventilated place.


  • If the product is equipped with cushions, in case of exposure to water, it is strongly advisable to remove the cushions until the contact surface between the cushions and teak is completely dry to avoid the formation of mold and halos.
  • Wood oxidizes in outdoor environments and can give rise to changes in color tones over time, taking on a silver gray appearance due to exposure to water and sun (UV rays).
  • For long and repeated exposure of teak products, the use of protective covers is recommended.

by Varaschin