Shake is a new concept of furnishing for the whole house; it is based on the use of natural materials, the search for beauty in the functionality, the freedom of composing. A name inspired by the furnishing philosophy of Shakers’communities, in American country of pioneers, for a young Italian reality, born from a deep experience in the wooden manufacture and dedicated to contemporary rooms. In different moments and situations, with freshness and heat with creativity and exactitude, Shake projects interpret, organize and increase the value of the house, thinking to always unique solutions according to the dreams and needs of its inhabitants. Shake is an evolving system; it’s created to enter every space and change during time and so it is being enriched by new functions and emotions. Shake helps in improving the world where all we live thanks to the use of non-toxic paints characterized by water, solid wood certified FSC that means it comes from cultivations that respect nature, society, and people.