Roberti was founded as a family business in 1959 and from the beginning belongs to the best outdoor furniture manufacturers. Our collections have always been playing a pioneering role in the design, joining the latest style trends both for shapes and materials.
Every piece corresponds to a personal interpretation of home and contract lifestyle, combining all the parameters of aesthetics and comfort. Our considerable range of outdoor furniture enables us to give the possibility of furnishing with continuity and coherence different living spaces.
The close collaboration between Roberti R & D team and European architects strengthens its stylistic image and makes it unique and personalized.
The production processes take place mainly in Italy, in the Veneto region. The ability of an expert craftsmanship combined with modern processes and technology and high-quality materials, allows achieving excellent quality standards.
Ever since its origins, Roberti has dedicated strong attention to several international realities: we export to over 50 Countries and our main partners are designers and project managers, retailers, and operators in the residential and contract field.
The respect of professional ethical standards in the whole production process is always part of our mission.