POINT is an ambassador of Spanish design and a leading brand of outdoor furniture.  The brand is present in more than a thousand contract projects worldwide signed by prestigious interior designers and architects and in countless homes, helping to elevate swimming pools, terraces, patios and porches to another level.  A browse through its catalogue reveals around 300 products created by acclaimed national and international designers, products where tradition meets the latest technology.

POINT, 2019 Spanish National Design Award

A hundred years after it was founded, POINT's commitment to design is still in its DNA.  In 2020, POINT received the 2019 National Design Award from the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities for its contribution to improving society and people's quality of life.

Its experience in furniture manufacturing and its respect for craftsmanship also continue to show through in all its pieces: each of POINT's woven sofas involves forty hours of meticulous craftsmanship and each chair, no less than six.  The innovation that is at the heart of the company's creative process has enabled it to develop new materials, even patenting its own fibres, and to carry out research into future materials.

Design, craftsmanship, innovation and international growth

POINT's progress in the 21st century is based around four pillars: design and craftsmanship (which form its DNA), internationalisation and quality.  Thanks to its combination of tradition and modernity, it is present in more than seventy countries.  But its roots are still in the Mediterranean and they do not forget this because it continues to be their source of inspiration: in Gata de Gorgos (where the company was originally founded) and in Jalon, a few kilometres away, where the brand has its operational headquarters and manufactures its upholstery.

"Our secret is that we have always been and still continue to be manufacturers", they reveal.  With its own factories in Asia and a large logistics depot in Jalon, POINT has managed to boost the local economy.  The goods are sent to this small town in Alicante, from where they are distributed all over the world.


As they say at POINT, "there's nothing more sustainable than a hard-wearing piece of furniture that can even be passed down from generation to generation".  Decades ago, they were pioneers in introducing respect for the environment into design and production processes.  Sustainability has been and still is a priority.  They have therefore developed a strict in-house design protocol that requires them to work with recyclable materials so that they all have a second useful life, ensuring that POINT's products do not have a negative impact on the environment in terms of either the manufacturing processes or treatment of the waste generated.

The wood (grade A teak) is sourced from sustainably managed forests.  It contains a high level of natural oil and gums, making it highly flexible and durable.  Its natural oil is combined with an antiseptic resin in the wood that enhances the beauty of each piece over time.

In POINT's furniture, the choice of upholstery fabrics obeys not only aesthetic but also functional and environmental criteria.  They are washable, reversible, hard wearing and high quality, which limits replacement and waste.

They work with suppliers who provide them with recycled materials from fibres, yarn and fabric and with companies that convert leftover fabric into new materials.  The fabrics that POINT uses in its pieces have certificates guaranteeing the use of substances that are safe for human health and the environment.  POINT also holds quality certificates for its products, such as the AIDIMA (Furniture Technology Institute) Test Certificate.  The cardboard, plastic and foams used in the manufacturing process are 100% recycled.

As some of the earliest proponents of responsible consumption and caring for nature, almost two decades ago they transformed their headquarters in Jalon into a clean energy production plant.  The sun has enabled them to be energy self-sufficient and to generate more energy than they need.  With a photovoltaic production of 371,000 kilowatts per year, it achieves 138 tonnes worth of carbon dioxide (CO2) emiisions savings, an amount equivalent to that generated by an average of 50 cars over one year.

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POINT is synonymous with design.  A design capable of conveying emotions and sensations, while creating furniture of a contemporary aesthetic that conveys elegance and distinction.  From our alliances with renowned designers, and from out know-how of craftsmanship and natural materials, we produce exquisite pieces that invite you to enjoy life outdoors.

Long Island City Lis
Summer Paralel Khai
Heritage Weave Arc
Bay Hamp & Round Pal
Fup Min U
Colors Jazz Sunset


The craftsmanship of the hand-woven fibres is the foundation and origin of POINT.  Our collections of classic furniture are born from that centuries-old essence.  Designs with timeless lines; warm and cosy pieces that allow you to sit back and relax as you savour the refreshing stillness of nature.