The Lisos Collection is defined by classic and tasteful design. Taking a minimalist approach to the use of clean and bold colours, and embracing a ‘less is more’ mentality.
Industry leading quality and performance: Oliver James lilos share a passion for design, craft and technology. Woven outdoor performance fabrics and soft-to-touch TPU inflatable film create a secure, long-lasting luxury pool float which inflates with seamless movement and precision-engineered design.
Made by skilled craftsmen: Our lilos can fit right into a cosmopolitan environment or make a stylish statement at the beach and pool, and are produced by artisans from tactile, machine-washable European fabrics.
Uniquely comfortable experience: Oliver James designs and engineers all of its products to resist outdoor elements using the best quality fabrics and electronics that withstand salt water and blazing sunlight. They are simple to care for and
install. Our material composition is Patent Pending and ergonomic designs Registered®.