Your Complete Cooling Solution this Summer

Article by Alan Chiu,
Managing Director of Zzue Creation
25 June 2021
Whilst summer days seem to be getting longer each year, we all dream of a portable cooling system which will make our outdoor living times more comfortable.
A misting system is a great solution as it is both effective and safe to our environment! There is now technology using centrifugal forces to generate fine mist rather than using high pressure pumps pushing water through nozzles—the latter method often causing blocked nozzles issues. 
Our Manvac A-4C Misting Towers are portable and, with one fill-up,  can produce fine mist for 8 hours, longer than any party will last!  The Towers can swing through 90 degrees and deliver mist up to 10 metres away, helping your guests enjoy themselves and not be bathed in sweat. 
Misting systems can also be provided as built-in options such as in our Bioclimatic pergolas from Gibus Italy. There are also wall mounted types and commercial grade misting systems from Zzue Creations.
We’re sure we will be able to provide you with best cooling solutions ever!