Is teak outdoor furniture suitable for HK?

Article by Alan Chiu,

Managing Director of Zzue Creation
25 June 2021
HK is a very harsh environment for outdoor furniture because of its huge variation in relative humidity, from single digits in the winter to nearly saturated humidity in the summer months.

 The naturally rich oil in teak helps to prohibit rotting and insect attacks. However, to prevent splitting and bending due to changes in humidity and temperature, careful selection of a healthy section of the tree and also the kiln drying progress which is followed after cutting the log, are also important.

The kiln drying progress can take weeks and the timber is placed in a huge 'oven' to remove moisture, thus making it dimensionally stable for making fine furniture. Although teak is said to have a naturally long-life cycle, correct maintenance is also necessary to yield the timber’s full potential and maintain its good looks.

Just Teak Shades
Teak, like many other timbers, will turn grey due to the effects of UV lights and air-borne contaminants. However, this dull colour can be easily removed by using a teak cleaning agent such as our 'Just Teak' teak cleaner. This is a water-based cleanser which can be applied with a brush to remove the dirt and grey patina. Following such cleaning the ‘Just Teak' teak brightener can be applied in the same way to bring out the golden tone of the timber again. Once the furniture is completely dried out, 2-3 coats of ‘Just Teak’ teak protector can be applied to seal the timber surface for many seasons to come.