Exploring the Four Best Side Pole Parasols: A Detailed Review

I. Introduction: The Role of Side Pole Parasols

Side pole parasols, affectionately known as cantilever umbrellas, aren't just your regular "cabana-on-a-stick".  They are a timeless favourite among homeowners and interior designers alike.  People are moving away from traditional center pole parasol as the overall performance and mechanical design improved over the years allowing larger yet stronger design.

1.1. The Value of Side Pole Parasols

Side pole parasols are like the Swiss Army Knives of outdoor comfort.  They are versatile, functional, and they add a splash of charm to any outdoor living space.  Whether you're looking to create a cozy reading nook on your patio or a sun-safe spot by the pool, side pole parasols are your go-to solution.

1.2. Factors to Consider When Buying a Side Pole Parasol

Just like you wouldn't buy a car without looking under the hood, you need to consider few factors when shopping for a side pole parasol.  Size, material, durability, adjustability and, of course, style, all play a vital role in finding the perfect parasol.

1.3. Significant Features of a Functional Side Pole Parasol

When we say 'significant features', we aren't just talking about the bells and whistles.  A well designed side pole parasol should offer effortless open and closing, easy angle adjustment, free rotation, reliable sun protection, weather resilience, and easy maintenance.

II. Side Pole Parasol #1: Prostor

2.1. Overview of Prostor

The Prostor is the Cadillac of side pole parasols, designed and made in Belgium with only the finest material.  There are standard P7 pole and multi canopy P6 pole made in rust free alu.  Wind resistance up to force six, and is available in multiple sizes, this parasol checks all the right boxes.  While there a board options on canopy color, the frame, can also comes in texture grey, black, white and anodized alu in clear and bronze too.

2.2. The Advantages of Prostor Side Pole Parasol

The SS gas lift system takes the heavy work of lifting and opening and replacing the traditional problematic winder box mechanism.  Optional integrated LED and also allowing attachment of a heater too.

2.3. Unique features of the Prostor

The parasol allows wall mounting options other than typical floor mount and standard mobile base.  While the wall mount option allows swinging of the canopy on their P7 pole, there is also another mounting option on parapet wall from their P6 pole.  This makes the Prostor the most versatile in terms of mounting options among all side pole parasol.

III. Side Pole Parasol #2: Scolaro, Galaxia

3.1. Overview of Scolaro, Galaxia

The Scolaro, Galaxia, is like the Audrey Hepburn of side pole parasols - elegant, timeless and versatile.  Smartly designed with a robust aluminum structure, Galaxia is undoubtedly a class act.

3.2. Why Scolaro, Galaxia Side Pole Parasol Stands Out

Beyond its stunning aesthetics out look, its canopy offering extensive UV protection, this parasol is like wearing an SPF 50 sunscreen.  The ergonomic sliding handles not only are stylish, working harmoniously with the gas lift strut, operation of the parasol becomes a joyful event.

3.3 Unique features of the Galaxia

Other than the exclusive Titanium finish, the alu frame can also be done in maintenance free wood finish.  There are 1-4 canopies config available and even the orientation of the mobile base can placed at the side or at the corner with regard to the canopy position too.  They have also have large rectangle canopy of 3x4m other than typical octagon and square shape.

IV. Side Pole Parasol #3: Shade 7, Riviera

4.1. Overview of Shade 7, Riviera

The Shade 7, Riviera is undoubtedly the heaviest model and the most heavy duty like a James Bond of side pole parasols - sleek, adaptable and long-lasting!  It's equipped with marine-grade 20 micron anodized frame and have done a wind tunnel test up to 40kph wind speed.

4.2. The Benefits of Choosing Shade 7, Rivera Side Pole Parasol

This commercial grade parasol has three years warranty on the frame and 5 years on the canopy.  Tilting and rotation are standard features and the unit are very often installed via inground fitting and the mobile base also have a half cut foot print rather than the standard square base.

4.3. Unique features with Shade 7, Riviera

The max size is 4m octagon which makes it the perfect shading choice for a family dining under the sun or the moon.  The operation handle can be removed from the pole thus preventing unintended opening or closing.

V. Side Pole Parasol #4: AKZ

5.1. Overview of AKZ

This proven design by Glatz has been on the market for decades but still going strong because of its high C-P Ratio.  Ease of operation and handling makes this perfect choice as a entry level type and light commercial application.

5.2. Advantages and Strengths of AKZ Side Pole Parasol

It is a full features parasol that allows free rotation and also side way tilting.  And thought it has a winding mechanism, it does not have a winder box that can be jammed easily but in unique internal double pulley system counter balanced at all steps so its free away from a rachet system.

5.3. Unique features of AKZ

Given its prices as compare to its counterparts, it is very affordable yet durable.  The solution dyed Obravia fabric has three years warranty against fading and offer a lot of color options.  Their tilting arm has marked angle for precise adjustment that is not found on others too.