Mist Air Cooler (A-4C)

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The components of mist air cooler for centrifugal misting type are reliable and durable. It has a high-tech feeling innovative design, various colours are available. It is low requirements for water source, no blocking, and also low maintenance cost. The large capacity water tank provides 8 hours use with one fill, in addition, the automatic water inflow system offers long-term water supply. The hierarchical structure, isolated operation of water and electricity to ensure the safety. With easy moving on four universal wheels, it gives you a satisfaction on application in various environment.

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Brand: Manvac, China
Model: Mist Air Cooler (A-4C)
Structure: Aluminum alloy blade with ABS material plastic
Type: Centrifugal misting
Power: A.C. 0.32KW 50HZ 220V
Water capacity: 94L
Water consumption: 6-8L/Hr
Effective area: 95m2, air flow maximum 2450m3/Hr
Oscillating angle: 90 degrees from left to right
Colours: Blue, green, purple or black
Size: W70 x D70 x H200cm