Yellowstone Outdoor Kitchen with Gas BBQ (Island Grill)


More about the product:
MODULAR DESIGN: The design is linear and minimal, engineered according to a precise system of measurements and depths that makes it possible to create versatile compositions able to suit all needs. The FÒGHER outdoor kitchen is not only a product with maximum performance levels but above all it’s a tool designed and constructed by us for your personal pleasure. Just put the modules together according to your requirements and choose the most suitable accessories to create your own unique space, where you can indulge in your passion for fine food and share it with the right company.

OUTDOOR KITCHEN: A revolutionary concept in outdoor cooking is here, integrating the experience of indoor cooking with the best results in the field of barbecuing. The style, practicality and extraordinary constructional qualities of FÒGHER products combine to create a line that is unique in its kind, specifically designed to satisfy and exceed even the most demanding expectations of outdoor cooking.

MODULAR DESIGN: Each element in the series has been designed with a specific modular purpose in mind, which allows the utmost freedom in the compositional layout. From the modules to the dedicated accessories, everything is structured based on two measurements that combine perfectly to provide solutions able to cater for multiple requirements of space, aesthetic taste and practicality.

Lead time on request. 

Brand: FÒGHER, Italy
Model: 10601060
Energy Supply: Gas (Please select LPG / NG in the options)
Size: W296 x D70 x H204
Structure & Features: 

  • Module with sink W.1000
  • Module with Gas Barbecue 750 oven
  • Support Kit for Barbecue
  • Module with 2 burners hob W. 1000
  • Hanging-tools module