PL600E & CHPS600 Enameled and Electric Plancha BBQ Grill Cart

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More about the product:
The electric plancha grill PL 600 E is a professional technology combined with an elegant design.
Roller Grill has applied all technologies from the professional catering sector to a trendy plancha range for home.
The electric plancha grill PL 600 E is an ultra-resistant enamelled steel plate, stamped and fixed on a robust stainless steel frame.
The steel plate of the PL 600 E is 5 mm thick. This steel plate is covered with a mass enamel (food standard NF - 12983 - 1) with high resistance to rubbing. Due to its very smooth surface, the enamelled steel cooking plate enables a very good contact cooking for a direct heat transfer to the food to be cooked.
The finish of this design plancha grill is very neat:
- The plate edges are rounded and polished
- The chrome buttons agree with the anodized handle that can be used as hook-utensils.
The professional plancha grill PL 600 E is easy to use and to clean!
The professional plancha grill PL 600 E is equipped with one single button per cooking area for 2 functions:
- On / Off function
- The thermostat function to precisely regulate the temperature from 0 to 300 ° C.
After 8 minutes of preheating, the enamel plate reaches an even temperature over the entire cooking surface thanks to two Incoloy heating elements. These two coil-shaped heating elements cover the entire surface of the enamelled steel plate. Thanks to the power of the heating elements, the electric plancha grill PL 600 E ensures homogeneous cooking without heat loss on the edges.
This griddle plate can grill a wide variety of meats, fish, burgers, sausages, vegetables, onions but also fried eggs, omelettes. Thanks to the independent control of both cooking zones, you can alternate and vary the cooking on the 600 mm wide plate. For example, it is possible to grill a meat at 200°C on one side and to simmer vegetables at 160°C on the other side of the plate.
The enamelled coating makes use and cleaning very easy: it is possible to use metallic spatulas without altering the plate. Juices and grease are drained into the fully removable drawer (Capacity: 1 liter). The stainless steel collecting tray is cleaned in a dishwasher.

Lead time on request. 

Brand: Roller Grill
Model: PL600E
Energy Supply: Gas (Please select LPG / NG in the options)
Size: W130 x D55 x H124cm
Structure & Features: 

  • The cooking lid allows to stew slowly
  • The hinged cooking lid is also meant to stew and to make the plancha grill into a real barbecue at home.
  • The cooking grid makes it easy to keep warm or to cook tomatoes and potatoes boiled in their skin.
  • The wooden and stainless steel trolley CHPS 600 makes the plancha grill or the griddle plate more mobile. The electric plancha grill PL 600 E can thus be used in the kitchen or in the garden during the season of grilling and barbecues.
  • The protective cover protects from humidity the built
  • In plancha grill in the Roller Grill trolley.